Over the years, Underground Health has compiled several choice medicine therapies and natural treatments This page targets on different branches of substitute medicine. Sometimes referred to as supplement P, citrus bioflavonoids enhance the absorption of supplement C and act as important antioxidants. Flavonoids also inhibit collagenase and elastase, the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of connective structure. Connective tissue malfunction is one of the factors that may cause arthritis. Flavonoids reinforce the natural framework of collagen, increase the integrity of connective cells, protect against free radical harm and are a great natural treatment for inflammation and pain.

Homeopathy is a alternative form of treatment that is built-into naturopathic medicine. Practically all homeopathic medications are created from natural sources-plants, family pets and minerals. The success of natural treatment has been recognized in many countries throughout the world including France, Germany, India, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and North America. Traditional Chinese and herbal remedies are often confused with homeopathy, but in fact, all of them are different systems of alternative medicine.

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Milk thistle components have been used as traditional organic and natural medicine remedies for nearly 2,000 years. Milk thistle is made up of high degrees of lipophilic ingredients from the seeds of the herb, which become bioflavonoids that increase immunity and slow down oxidative stress. The plant is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties. It could aid digestion of food, increase bile creation, boost pores and skin health, fight the appearance of maturing, lower cholesterol levels and help detoxify the body.

Supplement K3 is also known as menadione. It gets the substance name 2-methyl-1, 4 naphthoquinone. It's compound method is C11H8O2. It really is a bright yellowish crystalline natural powder that is soluble in veg oils. It really is a fabricated analogue that serves as a provitamin. It can be used as a vitamin supplements K product. Menadione is necessary for the production of prothrombin and other bloodstream clotting factors. Additionally, it may help regulate the calcification of bones. Too big a dosage of vitamin K3 can cause serious problems, and even death.natural medicine for thyroid